About Tact

Tact is a set of cooking utensils for both blind and sighted people. Tact features contrasting colors and different textured handles, to make identifying each utensils easier for both blind and sighted people.


Attempt to perform various tasks in the kitchen while blind folded. Use the experience to develop a kitchen product for both blind people and people with sight. Leverage the use of multi-sensory to create a unique solution.

Problem Storyboard: the struggle of trying to find a specific utensil in a cluttered kitchen drawer, without the use of sight.
Mind Map: how initial ideas were generated. Blues are broad concepts, greens are general insights, orange are possible product features/solutions.
Form Exploration: Iterations of the utensils' general form, as well as slot details.
Finalized Form Language and Color: Smooth contours and generously sized handles make them easier and more comfortable to hold. Different colored handles make it easier for those with sight to differentiate them. Underlays were used to ensure realistic proportions.
3-D Printed Prototypes: Used to verify scale and proportions. Extensive use of surface modeling was used to ensure smooth transitions.
Grip Texture Pattern Swatches: Used to rapidly test scale and density of grip texture patterns.

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