About Saturn

Saturn is a set of modular flower pots, made from cast concrete. It was developed from Tess, a previous classroom project. The goal for revisiting it was to improve functionality and maintain the original design intent while expanding on the concept of modularity.

Revisiting an Old Project

During the development of Tess, emphasis was put on aesthetics and manufacturability. The result was an attractive form that lacked functionality. The aggressive interior draft and large wall thickness made a large heavy planter that had little holding volume. Additionally, lack of experience with the material, as well as mold making, lead to a product that was difficult to demold. The next iteration of the project took these factors into account to make a more functional and manufacturable product.

Inspiration: the stacking capability of bricks, the tessellation capabilities of hexagon/honeycomb tiles, and silhouette inspired by a resting top.
Prototype Progression: low-fidelity paper to get a sense of scale, holding volume and balance. 3-D printed prototype used as positive for mold creation.
Mold Shell Parts: 3-D printed parts of mold shell used to create polyurethane rubber mold, with minimal material waste. Mold shell also provided structure to and the ability to seal the mold before castings.
Assembled mold shell, polyurethane rubber mold, and mold positive.
Different ways Saturn flower pots can be arranged.

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